The AI Governance Platform Built With CHROs In Mind

As an HR professional, you’re used to navigating the complex balance between innovation and risk.

Our AI governance platform was built to empower HR leaders to deploy AI technologies confidently, while ensuring they meet the highest standards of compliance and ethical conduct.

Centralized AI Model Inventory

Gain a comprehensive overview of all AI applications within your organization through a single, streamlined dashboard.

Simplify governance and enhance visibility across all AI tools, whether developed in-house or acquired externally.

Intelligent Risk Assessment

Automatically evaluate the risk profile, potential liabilities, and compliance requirements of each AI model.

FairNow enables you to prioritize deployment based on your organization’s specific risk tolerance.

Bias Detection & Mitigation

Stay vigilant against biases that could affect employment decisions.

Our continuous monitoring system and automated bias audits ensure you are immediately alerted to potential issues, maintaining fairness and performance integrity.

Regulatory Compliance Toolkit

Keep your AI initiatives compliant with evolving legal standards.

Rely on FairNow to navigate the complexities of regulatory changes, ensuring your AI strategies are both current and future-proof.

Advanced Reporting & Audit Trails

Create detailed records of AI behaviors and decision-making processes, crucial for accountability and regulatory audits.

Our easy-to-use reporting tools help you generate comprehensive audits at the click of a button.

Collaboration & Workflow Management

Efficiently manage AI controls, access, and responsibilities aligned with your organization’s risk management framework.

Our platform keeps all stakeholders coordinated, compliant, and accountable.

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