Showcase Exceptional Compliance To Government Prospects

We empower federal sales teams to demonstrate AI solutions that not only meet but exceed government compliance and operational standards.

Quickly Organize Requirements for OMB Approval

The new 2024 OMB policy requires federal agencies to maintain stringent AI governance and risk management standards.

FairNow is uniquely designed to help vendors demonstrate their compliance excellence, transforming regulatory requirements into a competitive edge.

Win Trust Through OMB Compliance

Stand out by showing how your solution fits perfectly under the new requirements.

Everything you need to systematically manage, coordinate, and organize over 50 provisions for the OMB compliance process.

Stand Out Among AI Vendors

In a market saturated with AI solutions, demonstrate that the AI tools you deliver are secure and government-ready.

Utilize FairNow’s comprehensive toolkit to validate your AI solutions and effectively guide government agencies through the sales cycle.

Ensure Rigorous Regulatory Compliance

Ensure your AI remains compliant under the OMB’s directive.

Stay ahead of the curve in a rapidly evolving regulatory environment. Rely on FairNow to handle the intricacies of compliance updates, ensuring that all of the AI solutions you provide align with current and forthcoming federal regulations.

Speed Up Due Diligence With Third-Party Endorsement

Be able to confidently say, “don’t just take our word for it!”

Accelerate your sales processes by demonstrating robust AI governance, validated by FairNow.


Our #1 Resource For Federal Sales Leaders:


The Federal Sales Leader’s Guide: Accelerating Deals Under The New OMB Policy On AI

Winning and keeping government clients will soon demand higher transparency, governance, and risk management standards.

Everything you need to know to demonstrate responsible AI and accelerate your path to revenue.

Ready To Showcase Your Technology Under The New OMB Policy?

FairNow empowers sales professionals to confidently promote responsible AI technology.