AI Assessment Tools Built With Procurement Professionals In Mind

Our AI governance platform is designed to empower procurement teams to implement AI solutions confidently, ensuring they align with both corporate goals and stringent compliance standards.

Sift Through The Noise And Find The Highest Value AI Use Cases

In an era where every vendor is pushing for AI integration, how do you ensure the AI tools you are considering are safe and enterprise-ready?

Leverage FairNow’s toolkit to evaluate your options and confidently execute your AI roadmap.

Enhance Your Strategic Role Within The Organization

Procurement professionals skilled in identifying and integrating effective AI solutions become innovation leaders within their companies.

By confidently shaping your organization’s AI landscape, you unlock new career opportunities and boost your strategic value.

Assess Risk Quickly With Vendor AI Risk Assessments

Automatically assess the risk profile, potential liabilities, and compliance demands of your AI technology.

Free from vendor biases, FairNow provides clear, objective insights that empower you to make informed purchasing decisions based on your organization’s specific needs and risk tolerance.


Ensure Rigorous Regulatory Compliance Across Vendors

Ensure your AI procurements remain compliant with rapidly evolving legal standards.

Depend on FairNow to manage the complexities of regulatory changes, keeping your purchases up-to-date and ahead of risks.

Speed Up Due Diligence With Seamless Integrations

Accelerate your procurement processes by integrating with the systems you already use.

Seamless integrations with SAP Ariba, Coupa, Oracle and more.


Our #1 Resource For Procurement Professionals:

12 Essential Questions To Ask Your AI Vendors

Thoroughly evaluating your vendor’s AI is more important than ever. This guide provides the exact 12 questions to ask and the exact 12 answers you should push for.

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FairNow empowers procurement professionals and their teams to confidently assess AI technology.

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