Your Complete AI Governance Platform

FairNow is an all-in-one AI governance software that simplifies and centralizes AI risk management across the entire organization.

Centralized AI Model Inventory

Centralize AI governance across your entire organization.

Monitor all of the AI you are building and buying in a single, centralized dashboard.

Intelligent Risk Assessment

Determine the risk level, exposure, and regulatory requirements of each model – automatically!

Prioritize your efforts based on risk-tolerance.

Bias Detection & Mitigation

Continuously monitor models for bias and performance.

Run automated bias audits and be instantly alerted of any concerns.

Regulatory Compliance Toolkit

Effortlessly ensure your AI deployment is lawful, up-to-date, and in harmony with both current and upcoming regulations.

Depend on FairNow to stay on top of rapidly changing industry standards and ensure your AI is prepared for the future.

Advanced Reporting & Audit Trails

Ensure detailed logs of AI system behaviours and decisions for increased accountability, troubleshooting, and audit purposes.

Generate advanced reports at the touch of a button.

Collaboration & Workflow Management

Manage controls, access, and responsibilities – all according to your risk tolerance.

Keep all stakeholders organized, informed, and accountable.

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