Our Mission.

On a mission to protect organizations and people by ensuring AI is fair

FairNow was founded in the wake of increasing regulation responding to several high-profile instance of biased AI

AI can provide a competitive advantage in many areas, including HR, where it can help companies find and hire talent more efficiently and effectively. From digital assessments, to matching algorithms, to chatbots, companies are increasingly using AI-based solutions to find, interview, and select talent. However, AI can also encode bias at scale, which can lead to regulatory, reputational, and business risk. We know how disconcerting this is for organizations and people. We start by automating compliance for regulations like NYC LL-144, saving you time, money, and lowering your risk. But we go well beyond compliance, helping your business intelligently monitoring your algorithms and processes to ensure that your methods are fair, effective, and explainable.

Our Team

 Across our core team and extended network of advisors and consultants we have deep expertise in HR, HR and enterprise technology, information security, AI, AI regulations and law, AI bias/algorithmic fairness, data science/statistics, IO-psychology


Learning Collider is a research lab that executes and funds cutting edge research on fairness, through its network of academics and non-profits.

The lab also educates and works with lawmakers to shape policy and regulations on fairness. They work across many spaces including fairness in hiring, housing, lending, and criminal justice. Peter Bergman is the Founder and Director of the Learning Collider.