Synthetic Fairness Simulation:

Methodology and Applications

Governments worldwide are increasingly requiring proof of AI safety before deployment, exemplified by regulations like New York City’s Local Law 144 and the EU AI Act.

Bias audits are now a necessity, no matter how messy, incomplete, or lacking your data sources may be.

Enter Synthetic Fairness Simulation. Even organizations with limited data resources can now achieve AI accountability through FairNow’s proprietary methodology, simplifying bias audits while reducing costs and complexity. This is how we do it.

AI Risk Management
AI Risk Management

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Why We Wrote This

To Demystify our Methodology:
We’re on a mission to foster transparency in AI development and use. By sharing our novel bias assessment techniques, we hope to contribute to a more transparent and accountable AI ecosystem.

To Promote Responsible AI Use:
Listen, we know we’re not always the most fun people at parties but we could talk for hours about the need for AI governance to support responsible AI use. The Synthetic Fairness Simulation technique is one of our most exciting advancements.

To Provide a New Solution for an Old Problem:
We recognize the practical difficulties many organizations face in conducting bias audits and we are thrilled to share our groundbreaking solution.

Why You’ll Want To Read This

Be the Smartest Person in the Boardroom:
A behind-the-scenes look into a groundbreaking approach to bias audits. Learn how FairNow’s Synthetic Fairness Simulation methodology addresses the growing demand for responsible AI by eliminating common challenges in conducting bias audits, such as data limitations and privacy constraints.

Deepen your Understanding of Synthetic Data Use in Bias Audits:
Learn how the methodology works and understand its components, including synthetic data generation.

Gain a Competitive Advantage for your Team:
Explore the significant advantages of the Synthetic Fairness Simulation, including its ability to reduce cost and complexity compared to conventional bias assessments. Understand how it can be applied across various dimensions, such as race/ethnicity and gender, to ensure AI fairness.

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Have we mentioned that compliance is our love language? FairNow helps teams centralize their AI governance company-wide, ensures they are compliant around the globe, and significantly decreases the cost of bias audits. Let us show you how!

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