12 Essential Questions To Ask Your AI Vendors:

And The Answers You Should Expect

Think of this guide like having a friend in the business who’s looking out for you, ensuring you don’t just get answers, but the right answers from your vendors using AI.

Alongside each question we’ve provided an “excellent answer” and a “mediocre” one so you know exactly what to look for.

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AI vendors
AI vendors

eBook Page Count: 7 Pages

Technical Language Level: Intermediate

Estimated Reading Time: 12.5 Min

Why We Wrote This

To Promote Responsible AI Use: Listen, we know we’re not always the most fun people to talk to at parties but we believe deeply in the need for AI governance to support responsible AI use.

To Encourage More Transparency Among AI Vendors: Our guide is designed to help you to gain insights into the use and impact of AI within your technology stack.

To Provide an Introduction to the Rapidly Growing AI Governance Industry: We wanted to help introduce AI governance software and its benefits in simplifying AI vendor evaluation.

Why You’ll Want To Read This

To Make Audits and Compliance Checks Easier: Our comprehensive checklist prepares you for internal and external audits, ensuring you have the right documentation and understanding of your AI systems’ compliance and ethical implications.

To Know the Right Questions to Ask: We’ve hand-selected these questions to help you understand the ethical governance frameworks your vendors employ, which is no small task. We wanted to take the guesswork out of vendor evaluation so you can feel compliant and confident.

To Provide a Shortcut to Responsible AI: The rapidly evolving AI governance landscape is challenging to keep up with (trust us!). This guide offers a shortcut for your team by providing a framework for you to assess your AI vendors’ compliance efficiently.

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