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FairNow helps you demonstrate that your HR tech solutions are fair, compliant, and reliable.

AI for Regulatory Compliance

See How We Support HR Tech Vendors Like You

HR technology companies trust FairNow to maximize their AI while minimizing their risk.

See How We Support HR Tech Vendors Like You

HR technology companies trust FairNow to maximize their AI while minimizing their risk.

Generate Bias Evaluations At The Click Of A Button

  • Easily generate detailed reports and bias assessments
  • Run multiple assessments using different metrics, groups, and data
  • Meet and exceed regulatory requirements
AI Model Governance

Be Regulatory Ready

  • Be confident and compliant with your technology
  • Focus on innovation and growth while FairNow tracks global AI laws and regulations
  • Ensure and demonstrate continuous compliance

Build Trust With Customers

  • Turn responsible AI into your competitive advantage
  • Accelerate sales cycles by showcasing a robust AI governance program
  • Quickly build trust with clients and regulatory bodies
AI Model Governance

FairNow Is The Trusted Name In HR Tech

Learn more about how we helped Humanly demonstrate fairness in their conversational AI chatbot here.

AI Model Governance

AI Governance FAQs

Why HR Tech Needs AI Governance Software

What are the benefits of using AI governance software for HR Tech companies?

  • Ensuring Regulatory Compliance:

  • Promoting Fairness and Trust:

    • Identify and mitigate biases to ensure your tools AI create equitable hiring and promotion processes.
  • Increasing Transparency and Credibility:

    • FairNow automates robust reporting and audit trails. Build trust with transparent reporting, making your AI systems clear and understandable for your customers and prospects.

Why do HR tech companies invest in AI compliance tools?

AI governance tools are essential for HR technology businesses. They provide tailored solutions that precisely identify and control risks. Equipped with immediate alerts and vigilant monitoring, these tools ensure you stay on top of compliance matters, safeguarding your reputation and reducing financial risk.

What is the cost of implementing an AI governance platform?

The cost of implementing an AI governance platform varies based on the organization’s size, the complexity of the AI systems, and the specific compliance needs. FairNow offers scalable solutions to fit different business sizes and requirements.

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Which companies provide AI governance software for HR Tech companies?

FairNow offers AI Regulatory Compliance Software embedded into its AI governance platform. HR technology companies on the platform have access to AI compliance tools and customizable responsible AI frameworks to ensure their AI is centralized, controlled, and compliant. FairNow’s expertise and focus lies in highly regulated industries, HR technology being one of the primary areas due to the high-risk nature of employment.

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