Ensure Your AI Is Compliant, 24/7

Track your AI to rapidly changing laws and regulations. Utilize built-in and customizable responsible AI frameworks.

AI for Regulatory Compliance

See Our AI Compliance Tools for Yourself

We’ll track the laws, regulations, and international standards. You run the business.

See Our AI Compliance Tools for Yourself

We’ll track the laws. You run the business.


Simplify The Regulatory Maze

AI Risk Management Software

What are the benefits of using AI regulatory compliance tools?

FairNow’s AI toolkit instantly alerts you to compliance changes, protecting your reputation and minimizing risk exposure. AI compliance tools help you respond quickly to legal shifts and stay ahead of emerging requirements. It’s your straightforward shield in a complex legal world.

Can AI regulatory compliance tools be customized for different industries and use cases?

Yes! FairNow’s AI regulatory compliance tools can be customized and updated based on industry, geography, and risk-tolerance. Real-time regulatory tracking keeps businesses informed and updated as new guidelines emerge.

What are the AI regulatory requirements for my business?

Let FairNow help you identify exactly which of your models are in scope for which regulations. Be alerted as those regulatory requirements change and shift to ensure you are always ahead of emerging policies such as The EU AI Act, NYC LL144, ISO 42001, US NIST AI, and more. 

Why do organizations invest in AI compliance tools?

AI regulatory compliance tools are a must-have for businesses, providing customized solutions that precisely identify and control risks. Equipped with immediate alerts and vigilant monitoring, these tools ensure you stay on top of compliance matters, safeguarding your reputation and reducing financial risk.

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