Centralize AI Governance,

Automate Doumentation,

Reduce Friction

FairNow helps you streamline your AI governance workflows, maintain a comprehensive AI inventory, and automate documentation.

AI Governance Tools

See How We Support Leading Financial Services Organizations

Organizations trust FairNow to maximize their AI while minimizing their risk.

See How We Support Leading Financial Services Organizations

Organizations trust FairNow to maximize their AI while minimizing their risk.

AI Governance Framework

Centralize AI Governance Management

  • Assign clear roles and responsibilities to streamline collaboration
  • Boost efficiency and eliminate redundancy through process automation
  • Automatically generate initial AI policies and risk evaluations
  • Collect all of your artifacts, documents, and audit logs in one place

Automate Time-Consuming Documentation

  • Automate the administrative burden of document generation, collection, and organization
  • Automatically generate first-pass drafts of model documents and validation reports, formatted to your company’s specifications
  • Automatically capture detailed audit trails
  • Reduce the hassle of meticulous documentation without compromising the results
AI Privacy and Data Protection

Manage And Mitigate AI Compliance Risks

  • Utilize built-in compliance frameworks to ensure that all models align with global regulatory standards
  • Focus on innovation and growth as FairNow tracks global AI regulations and requirements
  • Receive alerts on regulatory changes and directly notify team members of necessary actions
  • Demonstrate compliance to build trust with clients and regulators

Simplify AI Vendor Risk Management

  • Easily inventory and assess the AI risk of all vendor models
  • Centralize and standardize the process of collecting and storing governance evidence
  • Validate that vendors meet your AI requirements using FairNow’s vendor AI risk assessments
  • Conveniently assign tasks to your vendors, manage deadlines, track completion status, and monitor compliance over time
AI Model Governance
AI Risk Management

Built For Financial Services

We understand the complexities of risk management in the age of AI and increasing regulation.

FairNow empowers financial institutions with a robust platform solution tailored to their unique needs.

Let us show you the future of AI risk management.

AI Governance FAQs

The Benefits Of A Centralized AI Governance Platform 

What are the benefits of using AI governance software in financial services?

  • Build Scalable Governance Workflows
    • Adapt to the changing needs of your organization with a highly flexible platform.
  • Manage All The Models You Build & Buy
    • Create a centralized model inventory where all AI risk management activities can be managed in one place.
  • Reduce Repetitive Documentation Requirements & Boost Efficiency
    • Centralize and streamline all AI governance activities across the organization.
  • Ensure Continuous Compliance
    • Ensure adherence to regulatory requirements with automated monitoring and simplified reporting.

Why do financial services organizations invest in AI governance tools?

By streamlining governance workflows, maintaining comprehensive AI inventories, and automating documentation, AI governance tools help financial services organizations operate more efficiently and confidently in a highly regulated environment.

What is the cost of implementing an AI governance platform?

The cost of implementing an AI governance platform depends on the organization’s size, the complexity of its AI systems, and its specific compliance needs. FairNow provides scalable solutions tailored to various business sizes and requirements.

Provide details about your organization below for more info.

Which companies provide AI governance software for financial services?

FairNow offers AI governance software specifically tailored to the unique needs of financial services. FairNow’s AI governance platform provides enterprise-ready tools for highly regulated and global industries.

Companies depend on FairNow’s expertise in this sector to ensure their AI systems are unified, managed, and compliant with all current and impending regulations.

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