AI Governance In Human Resources:

What Every HR Professional Needs To Know

Novice HR professionals may see all of AI’s promises, but seasoned HR leaders understand the complexities. This eBook offers a deep understanding of both AI’s rewards and its inherent risks in HR.

Learn when to wield AI tools internally and when to partner with experts to minimize risk. Elevate your HR strategy and make AI work for you, ethically and efficiently.

AI Governance

eBook Page Count: 7 Pages

Technical Language Level: Intermediate

Estimated Reading Time: 9.6 Minutes

Why We Wrote This

To Emphasize the Importance of Humans in HR:
After many conversations with executive teams, clients, and peers, it has become increasingly clear to us that employers need technology to keep the “Human” in “Human Resources.”

To Promote Responsible AI Use:
Listen, we know we’re not always the most fun people to talk to at parties but we believe deeply in the need for AI governance to support responsible AI use.

To Provide an Introduction to the Rapidly Growing AI Governance Industry:
We wanted to help introduce AI governance software and its benefits in simplifying and automating governance tasks.

Why You’ll Want To Read This

Understand the Role of Humans in AI-Driven HR:
Learn how AI innovation is impacting HR and why human judgment, oversight, and accountability remain vital.

Gain a Competitive Advantage:
Discover how companies investing in AI governance can gain an edge in the age of AI-enabled HR.

Identify Opportunities for Your Team:
Find out how to identify “low-hanging fruit” in HR where AI-enabled tools can bring swift and significant improvements.

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