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White House Unveils Essential Steps to Safeguard Workers from AI Risks: Have You Addressed All 8?

May 28, 2024 | FairNow Blog

By Guru Sethupathy

The Biden-Harris Administration has unveiled a set of principles designed to guide the ethical development and deployment of artificial intelligence (AI) in the workplace.

The fact sheet, published on May 16th, speaks directly to developers of AI systems and employers.

Here’s a closer look at these principles through the lens of FairNow’s expertise in regulatory compliance and AI governance. 

1. Centering Worker Empowerment

  • White House Principle: Having been deemed the “North Star” focus from the Department of Labor, The White House outlines that workers and their representatives, especially those from underserved communities, should be informed of and have genuine input in the design, development, testing, training, use, and oversight of AI systems for use in the workplace.
  • FairNow’s Alignment: At FairNow, our tools enable organizations to engage workers meaningfully across departments such as risk management, compliance, human resources, legal, data privacy and more. We encourage organizations to understand the importance of cross-collaboration and request feedback from all team members.

2. Ethically Developing AI

  • White House Principle: AI systems should be designed, developed, and trained in a way that protects workers.
  • FairNow’s Alignment: FairNow offers ethical audits and bias mitigation tools to ensure AI systems protect workers’ rights and dignity. We provide resources for thorough due diligence, prioritizing ethical considerations from the outset.

3. Establishing AI Governance and Human Oversight

  • White House Principle: Organizations should have clear governance systems, procedures, human oversight, and evaluation processes for AI systems for use in the workplace.
  • FairNow’s Alignment: We couldn’t have put it better ourselves! Our platform helps employers develop and maintain robust governance frameworks with human oversight mechanisms. We ensure AI operates within ethical and legal boundaries, protecting workers and maintaining transparency – which leads us to #4…

4. Ensuring Transparency in AI Use

  • White House Principle: Employers should be transparent with workers and job seekers about the AI systems that are being used in the workplace.
  • FairNow’s Alignment: We help employers communicate openly about AI technologies, fostering trust and accountability. Our bias evaluations can be easily published and shared with current and prospective employees.

5. Protecting Labor and Employment Rights

  • White House Principle: AI systems should not violate or undermine workers’ right to organize, health and safety rights, wage and hour rights, and anti-discrimination and anti-retaliation protections.
  • FairNow’s Alignment: We help organizations proactively identify and address potential biases, upholding workers’ rights.

6. Using AI to Enable Workers

  • White House Principle: AI systems should assist, complement, and enable workers, and improve job quality.
  • FairNow’s Alignment: Our platform supports employers in using AI responsibly. Responsible AI complements human efforts in a fair environment.

7. Supporting Workers Impacted by AI

  • White House Principle: Employers should support or upskill workers during job transitions related to AI.
  • FairNow’s Alignment: FairNow provides resources for emerging AI governance leaders to help them adapt to new roles and technologies.

8. Ensuring Responsible Use of Worker Data

  • White House Principle: Workers’ data collected, used, or created by AI systems should be limited in scope and location, used only to support legitimate business aims, and protected and handled responsibly.
  • FairNow’s Alignment: Our AI inventory and data management tools ensure responsible data collection, use, and storage. We advise organizations implement robust security measures, safeguarding workers’ personal information.

By using FairNow’s AI governance tools and aligning with these principles, organizations can reinforce their commitment to ethical AI practices and the protection of workers’ rights.

To learn more about how FairNow helps organizations build and maintain robust AI Governance programs, click here.


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